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About Us
ADD:3F, No.5 Guankeng industrial park,Shi Bei industry Road,Da Shi Town,Panyu District, Guangzhou, China.
TEL: +86-20-66826655
FAX: +86-20-66672212

About us:

Guangzhou Juhong Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. located in Guangzhou,which is a beautiful Flower City,focused on  the research and  development, production, sales, and service  of LED as  well as a high-tech enterprise.
Our  company  was founded  in 2009 .Our  products  are mainly about  highpower LED,LED lamp ,light emitting diodes,etc. Advocate  that quality is the life of our company.And we believe that the market decides the direction of the future.  
Our company vision  is to  put  the customers ' interests in the first. Our goal is to establish a win-win partnership.
Our duty  is to create  awareness of  environmental  protection and energy  saving. In the future development of company’s journey.We will be glad to providing our customers with high quality service and try our best to provide efficient  service, creation of common  values, add the honor of  LED industry , share their fruit and join hands together. 

Business Philosophy: 
  Light Drives the Future! 
  Color Beautifies the World!
  Co-Create Infinite Value!

Company mission:
Holding the ‘people-oriented ‘business philosophy, relying on creativity, working together and spirit of continuous improvement, our company provides customers with quality  products  and services and builds an  internationally recognized and excellent enterprise. 
Our  employees are  constantly  learning, to  learn advanced  science and technology  knowledge and excellent management experience for the national industry.We work hard and work together also for the future of the company.

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