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Caution of using high power led

Release time:2016-06-21 Pageviews:960

First, electrostatic treatment
LED is electrostatic sensitive device, when the electrostatic voltage exceeds 5000 v, will be breakdown or half breakdown structure of LED chips, lead to
LED die , leakage or related electrical failure, before using the product please completes the esd protection according to the following steps:
A,Protection measures of workbench, e.g. production line work station, workbench-including LED contact any countertops, use conductive mat Electric conductive mat, and grounded.
B,the human body electrostatic protective measures: wear anti-static shoes, anti-static clothes , electrostatic ring.(it is recommended to use cable electrostatic ring)
C,the machine static measures: soldering irons, cut foot machine, change foot machine which can contact LED's equipment ,grounding after operations, and install
Ion fan in electrostatic charge.

Second, the heat dissipation
A, heat sink requirements: it is recommended that the fins aluminum or copper heat sink, can be directly with outside air convection.
B, effective heat dissipation area: for 1w high power LED, effective heat dissipation fin a combined 50 to 60 or more square centimeters.For 3w High power LED, recommend effective heat dissipation fin area of a total 150 square centimeters, or a higher power depending on the situation and the test results of increase,As far as possible to ensure heat sink temperature less than 60 ℃.
C, high-power LED substrate and fin close connection, contact surface is flat and level.(silicone coefficient of thermal conductivity of thermal conductivity is 3.0 W/m.k or higher.)

Third, the welding conditions
LED welding process is very fast and the temperature isn't too high, bad welding operation will seriously affect the use of LED performance.Please click the following  conditions of welding:
A, the manual welding, soldering iron less than 60 watts, temperature/ time of 350 ℃ / 5 s.(it is recommended to use constant temperature soldering iron).
B, immersion tin welding, welding temperature and time of 160-160 ℃ / 5-10 s (it is recommended to use low temperature solder paste).
C, reflow soldering, welding temperature and time of 260 ℃ / 5 s (pin packaging products, using low temperature solder paste).
D, the welding process shall not touch and LED lens and the LED colloid appearance, this operation will damage the LED.

Fourth, working conditions
A, using the constant current or current limiting circuit for driving.
B, advice using LED with low current.
C, LED working temperature shall not exceed 60 ℃, if environment temperature is higher than the temperature please do heat treatment.
D, storage conditions,- 40 ~ + 100 ℃, anti-static seal preservation.

Five, the installation conditions
A, the installation process do not impose any pressure on LED lens and the LED light-emitting area, the poor operating way will lead LED to die.
B, please do not to put pressure on the LED pin when make installation.
C, when need clean the LED,please using ultrasonic cleaning or small amounts of alcohol for cleansing , do not use acetone, water or petrol, and What with corrosive solvent.
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